ANDROID USA, is going to be attending for the first time in company history the worlds’ leading Jewelry and Watch show in Basel, Switzerland. The show will take place March 24th – 31st, 2011 and ANDROID USA will be located in the Hall of Fascinations 2.0 booth D01.

ANDROID USA will be showcasing a number of designs including their Virtuoso Tungsten Tourbillon which was the worlds’ first 50mm tungsten Tourbillon watch made. Also to be seen will be the ever popular Divemaster, Silverjet, and Ninja Collections. ANDROID USA does its best to provide high quality, unique watches at a price point which is affordable for anyone.

“I am excited to share our line with the people at BASELWORLD 2011, we are ready to bring our product line to other countries and BASEL is the best place to showcase that, “said Wing Liang, only designer and CEO.

ANDROID USA, a Florida-based company, and Wing Liang, chief designer and CEO of Android Watches USA, has been driven by a constant desire to exceed the expectations of watch enthusiasts. Liang has a unique talent for crafting timepieces that astound both visually and aesthetically. Liang’s motto of "building into the future by respecting our past" is visible in all of the timepieces he creates.

Liang’s designs currently lean towards creating breakthrough case designs to house select Swiss or Japanese technology. His use of new materials, such as ceramic and tungsten have watch enthusiasts salivating for more. His clean, unisex designs are constantly featured in the media and have received international recognition.

Passionate is an understatement when trying to describe this young designer’s love affair with watch design. His desire is to focus on designs that create sophisticated, elegant timepieces that convey a certain ‘je ne sai quoi’.