Watch Information

Official Repair and Service: ARAGON, ANDROID, STRIDER and ZAVTRA WATCH

All ARAGON watches are made with the finest premium-grade materials. If your ARAGON watch is marked ‘Water-Resistant,’ this means that the watch can withstand wetting and is suitable for certain water-related activities. Please check case back to determine water resistance rating, as this may be different for every watch. Note that WR rating is a measure of pressure, not depth.

To preserve the structural integrity of your ARAGON watch, we recommend that you do not expose your watch to heat (such as saunas or hot tubs), chemicals or physical pressure or shock (which could cause the movement to stop or lose time).

For more information on your ARAGON watch, please visit, email or call:

Email: [email protected]
ARAGON Head Office: 954-426-2822

Limited Warranty

ARAGON watches* and clocks have a two year limited warranty from the date of original purchase.

OKO International Company
1072 E Newport Center Dr.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Please complete the Warranty Registration online at:

This warranty covers manufacturer’s defects, including movement mechanism.

The warranty does not cover leather straps, crystal lenses, batteries, buttons, crowns, bracelets, cases or plating.

The warranty is void if damage is due to negligence or misuse and not as a direct result of manufacturer’s defects or normal use.

We reserve the right to void this warranty should we find that the watch has been tampered with, forced open, or repaired by anyone other than our watch repair specialist at OKO Service Center.

Service Instructions:

Contact us first** if you are shipping your ARAGON watch from outside the USA. Additional charges may apply. International shipping of repairs starts at $25.00

Enclose the watch/clock in its original packaging.

Clearly print your name, return shipping address (No PO Box), phone number and email address on a separate piece of paper. Please include your apartment/unit number to avoid any shipping delay.


A brief note describing the problem with your ARAGON watch/clock,

Proof of purchase,

Credit card details / check / money order (payable to OKO) for $15.00** for the shipping/handling fee.

Ship your ARAGON watch/clock to:

OKO International Company
PO Box 4021
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442


OKO International Company
1072 E Newport Center Dr.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442.

Call ARAGON if you require further assistance. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your watch to be returned.

Rates listed below are approximate and do not include S&H.

Repair or Replacement Estimations:

Watch Battery* $5-$40
Alarm Clock Battery $5
Mechanical Movement Service $50 - $250
Tourbillon Movement Service $100 - $500
Leather Band $10 - $30
Exotic Leather Band $30 - $150
Metal Bracelet $15 - $500
Crystal $10 - $50
Sapphire Crystal $50 - $100
Dial $15 - $70
Case and Crystal $10 - $500
Quartz Movement $15 - $150
Mechanical Movement $60 - $1100
Tourbillon Movement $2500 - $7500
Watch Links $5.00 - $20.00 (per link)

*3 hands quartz movement battery $5, chronograph quartz movement battery $10

Any ARAGON product received without shipping/handling fee will not be returned until payment is received. We cannot assume responsibility for any loss or damage under these circumstances.

**For International Repairs, we recommend you ship with tracking & insurance via Mail service, as other carriers may charge handling and customs clearance fees. Any fees so incurred are payable by the customer.

IMPORTANT: Any watches not claimed after 90 days will be deemed abandoned and will be disposed of.

For questions/comments or to enquire about the services provided by our company, please email or call.

Email: [email protected]
ARAGON enquiry hotline: 954-426-2822