ARAGON Founder, CEO and sole designer of ARAGON watches, Wing Liang expresses his discerning vision of the progress of horology and his deep respect for its enduring traditions in his innovative designs. ”When I design a watch, I am inspired by everything around me – from a sci-fi movie to music, from a car to a toaster. I make a mental picture of the watch in my head and convert my vision to paper. It’s exciting to create new designs and watching them come to life is exhilarating.” Wing’s inspiration leads him to choose ever more important movements and to seek out high quality and interesting materials to realize his vision. ” The most difficult task is to create a simple design that stands out from other brands. I believe that less can be more. ARAGON watches are unique in the sense that you can single out the brand from any other watch. The shape of the case, the color of the dial and the watch bands serve to distinguish each timepiece. Designing a watch is an intricate task that requires serious dedication. I am passionate about my work and I believe that’s reflected in the timepieces I create. I will continue to create watches that are functional and stylish. ARAGON watches have a personality of their own.”